History of TCA

Tanzania Cricket Association came into existence immediately after independence in 1961. It was formerly known as Tanganyika Cricket Association. The existence of the association dates back 1946 when the 3 colonial countries of East Africa were bound together with Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika making the East African Cricket Conference. Cricket in Tanzania dates back to 1890, in Zanzibar where the first official fixture was played. The game of cricket in Tanzania was introduced by the British Settlers way back in late 1800’s. The early known-recorded games took place in the Island of Zanzibar between the British Settlers and the British Navy.

In Mainland Tanganyika the first cricket match recorded was in 1913, and for over 70 years the 3 East African countries were involved in the inter territorial games i.e. between Kenya, Uganda ad Tanganyika. Various visits by Indian, Pakistan and MCC Cricket sides to Tanzania have always been a feature of our International exposure. World-renowned cricketers like Pataudi, V.V. Kumar, G.R. Vishwanath, Hanif Mohamed, Eknath Solkar, A.H. Kardar, Kapil Dev, Anshuman Gaekwad, Karsan Gowri, Kirmani, Gulam Parker and others had the opportunity to play cricket with Tanzanian teams. Ugandan and Kenyan youth teams frequently tour Tanzania, under the East African Cooperation platform. Mr. David Gower the former England player was born in Tanganyika, and the PWD cricket ground now known as Kinondoni Ground is still featuring local league.

The game of cricket in Tanzania was introduced by the British Settlers way back in the late 1800’s. The early known recorded games took place in the Island of Zanzibar between the British Settlers and the British Navy. In Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam the game could be traced back to early 1890 before the First World War. Competitive cricket in Dar es Salaam began in 1923 when Satchu Pira Brothers presented the Dar es Salaam Cricket League with a trophy called the Satchu Pira Shield for a league competition. In 1933 the Directors of Karimjee Jivanjee presented a cup known as the KJ Cup for competition on a Knock out basis. In 1933 the Dar es Salaam Cricket League decided that the time had arrived to form a Governing body to foster and control cricket in Dar es Salaam and preliminary meeting appointed a committee to work out the details and frame rules. On the 20th March, 1935, a meeting attended by representative of all cricket clubs adopted the committee report, passed the rules and the Dar es Salaam Cricket Association cam into being. Mr. G. J. Patrige was elected President and Mr. P. E. Mitchell, the acting Governor, kindly consented to become the first patron of the Association. It has since become a tradition for the Governor of the Territory to be the Patron of the Association.

The following 13 clubs were the original members of the association:
Malabar Sports Club
Muslim Sports Club
Aga Khan Boys Club
Ithnashri Sports Club
Indian Central School
Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club
Goan Sports Club
Patel Sports Club
Panjebhai Sports Club
Sinhalese Sports Club
Indian Sports Club
Railways Sports Club
Government Service Sports Club

From the inception the association has been handicapped by not having a ground of its own and has had to rely on the courtesy of ground owning clubs for the use of their grounds for competition matches. As a result of the war no competition were held during the years 1943 – 1945.

In 1946 competition cricket resumed again. Most of the founder members of DCA under went changes of structure within their communities and new teams emerged as sports wings of their respective communities. After the Nationalization of the Banks and Houses by the Government in 1971 many cricketers of Indian and British origin migrated the country and left a gap in the game. But since mid 1970’s the game has been played well and the new generation of sportsman lured to the game and with new clubs formed.

In Arusha cricket history dates back in late 1960’s with a few games played from time to time. It is only after 1985 that a proper set up is in place and structured cricket leagues are being played. In Tanga cricket was being played as back as 1950’s. Tracing the history with the veterans still living in Tanga we found out that regular visiting teams i.e. teams from India, MCC, Kenya and Ghana have visited Tanga in the past. In 1970’s and 1980’s cricket was not active in the region. But with the revival of the CAT the region is fastest growing region as far as the game is concerned.